Alesia created a dramedy webseries called "Avant-Guardians" about the guardian angel to the 3rd black president who is mandated to see a no-nonsense therapist angel to avoid messing her human up. The series is seven, 1-5min therapy sessions. For more info, check out:

THERAPY SESSION #1: Razz tells her therapist why she has nicknamed her beloved human Creepy Charlie, exploring re-appropriating negative labels

THERAPY SESSION #2:  Razz dives into her past life and the open wounds of feeling the need to justify her lifestyle-style change to be more palatable to those who misunderstand her

THERAPY SESSION #3: Razz's human, Creepy Charlie, visits his dad in prison and seeing mass incarceration for himself really messes with his psyche. 

THERAPY SESSION #4: Razz quits, haunted by her experience by a former human's suicide because of his community's homophobia

THERAPY SESSION #5:  Dr. Hanniel teaches Razz how to be woke 

THERAPY SESSION #6: Razz retells the tale of how Creepy Charlie conquered a racist bully 

THERAPY SESSION #7:  Creepy Charlie makes a major breakthrough, meaning Razz has reached a major breakthrough, is she done with therapy?